Thanksgiving Day crafts

Gobble, gobble!
Use feet to make the bodies and hands to make the feathers. Add some wiggle eyes, feet, a beak and a wattle.
All done! :)

Thankful Box
This is a tradition for my family.
Decorate a shoebox with wrapping paper, stickers, etc. Write a creative message like "We are thankful" or "Record your gratitude" or "We are thankful for..." Cut out some paper for people to write on. Read them after dinner.
When Alex is a little older, we are going to leave it out and drop little thankful notes periodically throughout the year.


When is nap time?

I was just randomly playing with my hair.
Special thanks to naturesknockout.

It turned out pretty cute so I took some pics...

When, all of a sudden, Alex pounced!

Not so cute anymore...
This is why I can't do ANYTHING until nap time.
I love nap time.


hello, my name is Meaghan and I'm a coffee addict...

My little man (and one of the kids I watch) had the flu this week. :(

It completely threw my routine off. Not only was my time spent cleaning up...well, you know, and taking care of whiny babies, but also taking care of myself so I didn't get sick. This means my diet consisted of lots of fruits and veggies, grilled chicken, orange juice and tea.

Halloween is this weekend. I CANNOT get sick...we spent a lot of money on costumes...the shame.

Anyway, I've had this stupid headache all week. I just figured I was getting sick, but why haven't I actually gotten sick? Then it hit me, at 8:16 PM, I haven't had coffee since Wednesday. I went straight to the kitchen and made me some Folgers. Guess what? My headache is GONE. How horrible is that?

Or how about, how sick is it that I eliminated coffee from my diet because I knew it wasn't good for me, yet I drink at least 2 cups a day?!

Stupid, wonderful coffee.



To be (pregnant) or not to be? That is THE question...

Here's the deal...

I had two roommates in college, Jennifer and Cara. As best friends go, they're pretty awesome. We forged some strong friendships while living together and were practically inseparable for 4 straight years. So, it makes sense that our futures have turned out so similarly. Jennifer was the first of us to marry her college sweetie and have a little boy, then Cara married hers and had a boy. A year later I married my college sweetie and, you guessed it, had a boy.

Jennifer announced that she was pregnant with #2 a couple months ago and Cara just informed me that she is pregnant with #2. Notice the pattern here?

Not sure if I'm ready to be pregnant again, although it would be fun for the roomies to be pregnant together. I'm hoping God doesn't find the coincidence as entertaining as my mom and sisters do...if He does, I'm probably pregnant right now.

Children are a gift from the Lord;
they are a reward from him.
Psalm 127:3


I have red hair!

I needed a change so I decided to change my color.
Okay...that's a lie.

Honestly, it's time I stop pretending that I still have golden locks. Unfortunately, embracing the truth means that I have...ugh...dishwater blonde hair, dark dishwater.
Yeah, that wasn't happening.

In the past my hair has pulled red when I've had it dyed blonde and it never bothered me, I've had a few stylists tell me that I should go red and I have 3 sisters with different hues of red hair.
I figured, 'what the heck' and started looking at pictures.

Me before.

I have always loved the classic Julia Roberts red.

I really liked Lindsay Lohan's blonde highlights in the red.

My red hair!

I absolutely LOVE it! What do you think?
Special thanks to my stylist, Colleen Baartz