I have red hair!

I needed a change so I decided to change my color.
Okay...that's a lie.

Honestly, it's time I stop pretending that I still have golden locks. Unfortunately, embracing the truth means that I have...ugh...dishwater blonde hair, dark dishwater.
Yeah, that wasn't happening.

In the past my hair has pulled red when I've had it dyed blonde and it never bothered me, I've had a few stylists tell me that I should go red and I have 3 sisters with different hues of red hair.
I figured, 'what the heck' and started looking at pictures.

Me before.

I have always loved the classic Julia Roberts red.

I really liked Lindsay Lohan's blonde highlights in the red.

My red hair!

I absolutely LOVE it! What do you think?
Special thanks to my stylist, Colleen Baartz

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