MORE charts for my nephews!

Camron's Charts: Age 5
This chart is for my oldest nephew. There aren't many daily tasks he needs guidance with, but my sister just had a baby, so instead of a chore chart, she would like for him to have a more of a schedule/daily chart. Essentially the same idea as my son's charts (with the velcro stickers), but with Camron's, you start at the bottom of the "ladder" and work your way up. For example, he doesn't have "playtime" until after he completes him morning tasks, eats breakfast and clears his dishes. For every step he completes, he get a blue sticker. Once he gets to the top of the ladder, he gets a yellow sticker for whatever day it is.

My sister has been having a little bit of a tough time getting my nephew away from the TV and video games (this includes: Wii, DS, LeapPad, etc.). It usually turns into quite an argument. Toddlers sure don't like to relinquish control! With that in mind, I suggested she give him control by using these "Playtime Bucks." At the beginning of the day, Camron has 1 hour of TV and 1 hour of video games to use during his Playtime. It's up to him to decide which Playtime and what amount of time he wants to use them. Bonus minutes are given at my sister's discretion for things such as: acts of kindness, good behavior, being helpful, etc.

Playtime Bucks

Luke's Charts: Age 3
This one is for my younger nephew, so it is much simpler. 
I hadn't added the velcro at this point, but the idea is to put thin strips of velcro on the top of each picture and the bottom of each description. The child starts the day with the flaps open and then closes them as s/he completes each task.

Ninja's Mom

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